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Gary P

Hey Nick,

There is much free info available here: . I’ve been able to build a self-training program just by reading the bulletins there and watching a few of Dr. Rushall’s videos on youtube.

Spend some time going through the bulletins. Start with #28 to get some background on the concept. # 39 goes in more depth. #47 is the nuts and bolts of creating a training plan.

First and foremost, you’ll need to gain an understand the concept of “failure” in the context of USRPT, what you do when you fail to make a targeted pace in a set, and what to do when you do complete a set. The biggest thing to come away with is that training to failure is good, and that while completing a set is good because it indicates you’ve mastered that pace, it also means you’re ready to increase the pace to something that you will fail at. It’s a bit of a different mind-set than the typical swimmer’s mentality where “failure” is seen as a bad thing.

Long story short, you’ll be doing lots of 25’s on 15 seconds rest. You’ll “offer” yourself 30 opportunities each, but shouldn’t usually make them all.

With a 1:05.6 best 100 back, you’ll probably want to start with a target time of :17.

With a best 100 free time of :58.3, you’ll probably start with a target time of :15

Your fly seems a little slow compared to your back and free. You need to work with your coach to make sure you have proper form before you start pressing hard on that stroke with USRPT sets. If your form is OK and you just need to work up your stamina, you’ll probably want to start with a target time of :18.

USPRT is very mental, too. Take whatever stroke advice your coaches have given you, and concentrate on making those corrections to your technique at actual race pace. Given that most of your speed sets will be 25s, you’ll also need to add time to work on turns.

Best of luck to you.