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Quick question: When do you let them go (for us it’s when you let them go up and push off) for each set? I’ve followed the advice of Rushall on 2 seconds before (you can go up and push off on the :58 if you are leaving on the :00), but I’m starting to think sending them off on the :59 would more closely correlate to actual times. Won’t know for certain until this weekend when we have districts and all swimmers get to rest going into it.

This season we’ve done our n x 25’s on :60 and our n x 50’s on :90. Big difference from last year’s rule of never more than 20 seconds rest between reps. Really would like to play with the rest intervals to see if it captures their front and back splits more accurately, but I was afraid we couldn’t get enough reps in to really get all of the training effect for each of these sets (only 4-6 hours of pool time per week). We’ll see. I’ve had a good group of kids who have been pretty faithful in adhering to the “rules,” and I’m hoping to get some more reliable data than just a couple of swimmers.

Congrats on the results… that’s fast!