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We have them “drop” on the “9” or as close as possible to leaving on the “00”. Sure some cheat a little but we’re close and overall do a good job with it.

The interval question is interesting in that I think what coaches need to do is find the interval that allows the swimmer to swim at RP for their event. It may mean that 25s on 1:00, or :50 and maybe even the :40 as long as it lines up with RP. I have used 1:30 for 50s and really saw no difference in splits from using 2:00. That’s up to you. What lines up the best and go with it.

I think the volume issue is a little over done. The real number is “how many reps at pace did they achieve?” and that number I think would shock some coaches in that it’s really not that high. I’ve attached a “snapshot” from our Mid Dist. grp. of n x 50s on 1:00 the far right columns have Total Offered and Total Made and you can see that most are in the 60-70% with grp. avg. at 64.69. The other “snapshot” has for stroke and again you can see numbers aren’t really that high with a group avg. 67.50. (neither sheet is completely done just put some examples in).

More food for thought.

Fast swimming at your district meet!


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