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Gary P

Example: 200 fly 1:42.87 final time (1st place, conference and meet record)

N x 50 on 2:00, 23.45 training pace (race split 23.05)
N x 50 on 1:00, 26.66 training pace (race split is average of 2, 3, & 4, 26.61 with a stdev of .23) I would project his splits from 26.58 (avg-stdev) to 26.84 (avg+stdev).

I have a few questions.

Are you specifically training the opening 50 of a 200 different from 50’s # 2/3/4? If so, are those 50’s on 2 minutes off the blocks?

Your chart shows offered/made for the season, but how many repetitions are you offering in a single set?

When you say

I think what coaches need to do is find the interval that allows the swimmer to swim at RP for their event. It may mean that 25s on 1:00, or :50 and maybe even the :40 as long as it lines up with RP.

I assume there has to be some sort of volume objective there. I can swim 25’s at 100 race pace on :40 for a while before I fatigue and fail. I can do it for a longer while at :50, and I assume (maybe not) even longer on 1:00. Or are you experimenting with interval and settling on the one that seems to be at the inflection point where more rest doesn’t really result in more successful completions?