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thoughts on your questions.

1. We do not train specifically for the 1st 50. If you look at your race splits you will probably see that the 2nd 50 of the 100 and the first 50 of the 200 line up or are very close. So “n x 50 on 2:00” is a two-fer. You train back 1/2 100 and 1st 50 of 200 using the same set (simple). The 50s are from a push. Just trying to keep it simple.

“n x 50 on 1:00” trains 2,3,4 of 200. Look at your race splits and figure avg speed and stdev, see what you come up with.

2. Season totals are generated from daily recordings. If I posted the whole spreadsheet you couldn’t read it (print would be too small). Numbers offered in a single workout will depend on 1. where does it occur in the set i.e. 1st set would be a increase over last time offered. 2nd in the set is usually at the same number they did last time i.e. offered 10, would stay with 10. if 3rd in a set it would be a “give me what you got” try and make as many as you can. (accumulation of fatigue)

3. Volume or number of repetitions offered is based on “shifts” in energy system being used. There are points you can use to know when it’s time to readjust speeds. If you wait until they can complete all 30 of a set. You will be waiting a very long time.or your speed is too slow. You reach a point of diminishing returns and it’s better to adjust pace once they can achieve X number.

The interval is set based on what gives me the best correlation race to practice speeds. 25s on 1:00, would be 1st 50 of 100 (25 time x 2 = 1st 50). If some coach what’s do do them on the :50, so be it. As long as it correlates to some portion of the race then GREAT.

Take your race splits and LOOK at THEM (let them talk to you). Then figure out sets that mimic each part of the race and do them over and over again.

Also works for IMers. It’s just structured a little different. But still pretty simple.

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