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an idea. look at his race splits and see if they line up with 100 divided in to 4th’s or 50s pace is 100 divided in half and that equals 100 pace. I know it sounds good. But it’s not that simple and most of the time not even close.

A very simple way is to use 1st 50 split and divided in 1/2 becomes 25s pace and 2nd 50 becomes 50s pace. Now you have real race numbers and how he actually swims the race and design your training speeds off those numbers. Not some WAG or SWAG.

Example using the above and a 58 LTB. 1st 50 is roughly 27.51 and 2nd 50 is roughly 30.25. Divide 1st 50 in half 13.75, now 25s speed and the 30.25, becomes 50s speed. This is mimicking the race.

Set your rest interval to whatever you think is going to allow him to achieve those times.

Technique and energy are delivered at the velocity it is swum.

Curious, how do you know that 16-20, 25s made is “pretty low”? Based on?

? All that is not shared... is lost.