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You don’t need to tell him to slow down. You need to tell him speed up. If he can actually hold faster than the pace time you need to make an adjustment to pace. All swimmers like to have that “cushion” E.g. pace time 14.0, but they constantly go 13.6. I even see it in college swimmers. I have a couple of theories why that is. But that’s for another time.

Your “wondering” is correct and I would add adjustment to pace also. The 16-20 x 25 is 400 to 500 of 100 pace and that is the rough beginning of loss of power. True, great aerobic capacity. But not so on power. That’s been a problem with USRPT and Parametric System training. Coaches get “focused or locked in” on making high number of repeats and forget or don’t understand that they still have to address the power issue. May times early when I started using the systems I had kids say ” I can hold pace, I just can’t get up and go” and that’s where the long rest intervals come in 1:2 or >> with a set number of reps e.g. 6-8 x 25, or it may have to be 20s a distance they can cover in 8-10 seconds. Power = W/t and ATP-PC energy roughly lasts 6-10 seconds depending on which exercise physiology book you read.

The “glide” is a “survival stroke” They will make adjustments to their stroke to survive the distance. They create a platform to balance off of to breathe. Fit the breath in the rhythm of the stroke, not the stroke around the breath. Get the platform out and tempo will increase. Just a SWAG

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