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lefthanded swimmer

Thank you guys for your insight! I will also add that for 2 months we have almost exclusively done 25’s and a few 15s. The reason behind this has been to develop tempo (again..coming from survival swimming sets). We have achieved this goal. His tempo now is great for the 25 repeats and I’ll add that at sprint pace he has very good technique for all strokes. He is sound. HOWEVER, we just added back 50 sets and he failed on the 5th or 6th with a 1 minute rest! I just need an experienced coach to tell me “this is expected. Add the 50’s back to the sets you are doing and he will be fine!”. He and I are a little bit in panic mode. He was swimming first 50 pace of a 200. The stroke was fly and the fails look like he had a stroke (pun intended).