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Here’s what I will tell you. I’d stay away from 50s fly for an age grouper as the first thing that fails is stroke technique and now you are practicing a crappy stroke. Stay with the 25s and great technical skill i.e. underwater work, perfect breakouts with “line” moving forward and great surface skill. You’ll both be OK 🙂

I’ll give you one example of a swimmer I coach that’s a 1/2 flyer. Best times are 46.34 and 1:42.78 (conference record holder).

50s on 1:00, training pace was 26.66, he did 144 at pace with an average of 7.2 per set (he did it 20 times over 22 weeks) Race split average for 50s 2, 3, & 4 of the 200 was 26.61 with a stdev of .23.

50s on 2:00, training pace was 24.74, he did 138 at pace with an average of 6.2 per set(he did it 22 times over 22 weeks) I adjusted his pace twice during season, Race splits for 2nd 50 of 100 was 24.51 and his first 50 of 200 fly was 23.89. FASTER IS NEVER A BAD THING 🙂

Just a side note: This is just one of 48 swimmers we have data on. It can be done.

Hint: once we have swimmers that can make 12-14 of any set in a row. We adjust pace. The idea of going to 30 or 40, you’ll run them right out of speed. But again great aerobic capacity. Dr. Rushall’s numbers to achieve are a SWAG and nothing more. Neither he nor MA’s dad Peter has posted anything that coaches can use with regards to results of USRPT.

I’m on my soapbox here and this is NOT directed at you.

It honestly is not that hard. We as coach just have to pay attention to the numbers and “let them talk to you”. The “weak” link in the process is coaches. I posted this at the beginning of this forum and it’s pretty much held true (having recorded data for over 20+ years) If you do a search on the forum and see how much objective data is posted other than by doc/oldschool. Coaches just won’t do it. We are great at following the “flavor of the month” we go to a clinic and some big name coach posts a couple of workouts, gives us a bunch of anecdotal information (anecdotes are not data) and we’re all in, not stopping to think what the hell was the objective of the workout, where it was in the season and what were the results. Just that it sounded neat. I know I was that coach a long time ago. Couldn’t tell you how to avoid my failures and duplicate my successes if I tried. But it sure was entertaining.

Again this was NOT directed at you.

And for those that read this and disagree. Prove me wrong.

Just don’t going hunting elephant with a BB gun.

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