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The 6.2 is what his average was per set over the course of the season. He did have days that were great he’d make 8 to 10 and then we’d have bad days and make 3 or 4. But on average 6ish. This is something I was tracking during the season just to see what it really was. I have some thoughts. But it could be just another rabbit hole and been down a few of those before.

What it shows is real data done with a group of swimmers and not one of them was able to go the “double or triple” the distance. Again when they reached the 12-16 in a row we adjusted pace so that prevents that from happening. Oh you can OFFER 30 x 25 on :30. But if you track the number they make you’ll see they aren’t even close. So, if you’re working off “I wrote a 4K or 6k workout” and you track the numbers I believe you’ll see they aren’t even close if you add up what they MADE.

“but I thought we were woefully below the expected volume”. Whose volume? What some scientist states was a guess (he even admitted that it was in one of the bulletins)?. Again, where is the data to prove or disprove? It’s what he can make. Are you going to force him to do 20 x 50, even if he can’t hold pace? You want slow, you’ll get slow and you’re really right back to traditional type training. YOU HAVE TO LET THEM STOP (addresses neural fatigue and decay of skills) WHEN THEY CAN’T HOLD PACE!, end of set and move on to the next skill session/recovery and then next set. I’ve written about this on the forum before. IT’S MESSY! IT LOOKS LIKE A ZOO! But actually is very structured once the athlete understands what it is they are trying to accomplish. YOU HAVE TO TEACH THE SYSTEM long with recording the data and making adjustments.

Yes. They make 12-14 of any set in a row “no misses” then pace is adjusted. You also have to take into consideration total numbers with different groups i.e. Mid-Dist., Sprint and Distance kids.

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