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lefthanded swimmer

Thanks Marlin and Doc. So great to get numbers from you both and real data on what works! Thanks for confirming about the 50’s. 3-5 x race distance just didn’t make sense for those and we thought we were doing something wrong!

Doc…when we fail, we fail…no junk yardage. I get your point. I’ve painfully watched all the junk yards I can stand from the stands for years! 🙂 Watching my son with 22″ thighs and weighing 30 pounds or more than any lane mate not do a single dolphin in practice to survive (when he dolphins as far as possible in a meet) and the coach wondering if he is giving it his all. (It’s been my observation that the kids that struggle or even quit the high yardage program are more muscular sprinter types).

We retrenched a bit with times on sets to make sure we weren’t pie in the skying too much. Example: Sunday, he kept time at 14.75 for 25 fly with 30 second rest to begin, modified to 20 seconds rest as he progressed. He cranked out 28. Today, we kept the same time with 20 second rest to begin, modified to 15 seconds as he progressed. Failed 24 and 28. Thursday when he repeats this set, we will keep 14.75 with 15 second rest, if he gets > 14 without fail, I’ll drop the time the following time.

How often do your kids do test sets? Are they before a regular practice? Being that it is long course season we won’t have many meets to track progress. (We are focusing more on short course and replicating short course racing because of being bigger build and good off the walls and no plans for the Olympics!).

Thanks again!

I try to alternate sets since he is still 14.