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We don’t do “test sets”. I’m the Director of Performance for a division I college program and am responsible for the performance of 48 swimmers, 24 women and 24 men. I’d spend all week ever week just testing different swimmers. Like my response to Marlin was KISS.

Having been a club coach for 35 years,the last 23 years as CEO/Head Coach. I get what is happening and understand the frustration.

Now with a little more information about your son. You might want to consider dropping the maximum number to 10-12 especially the 50s. I have very heavily muscled massed sprinters and I have to adjust max. number for and keep a close watch over. I can tell you that there is NOTHING worse than a slow sprinter. They make your life miserable 🙂 I’ve coached and worked as a consultant for World Record Worlders, World Champions and men ranked in the top 50 in the world and SLOW is not in their vocabulary and any time they went slow in practice and didn’t achieve the objective it was miserable.

Sorry, I have to go eat dinner. You know the routine “orders from headquarters”

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