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lefthanded swimmer

I wish there was a program that offered anything remotely sprint training here, but there isn’t. I coached my son when he was 6-9 so he could do soccer too. We never did a lot of yardage and it was all technique work, lots of fins with fly (obviously short yardage). Top 5 in state at the time. We then moved to the vaulted club team that was distance oriented. He worked so hard, struggled and had very little to show for it (part of it was being a late bloomer). He did well the first year with the club team but fell off the last 3 years. He wanted a change himself. He is getting to present USRPT as a school project actually so he understands it better than the average swimmer and has actually studied it a good deal himself.

Doc…thanks for your insight from a collegiate You wouldn’t happen to have a list of colleagues that have low yardage high intensity sprint programs would you? 😉 My hometown team isn’t an option!

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