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I think the reason why coaches are not posting on here anymore is because not that many coaches are attempting USRPT with their teams compared to the past few years. I do a google search for USRPT every couple of weeks and filter by past week or past month. I have been doing this for a while and I’m seeing less and less stuff pop up. A lot of the stuff that I see is master’s related or generic training articles that briefly mention USRPT. I don’t know if the coaches that adopted USRPT are moving away from it or if they are just not posting anywhere about it. USRPT has to be really hard to implement with a team there are lots of things that can go wrong. Parents frustrated that their kid is sitting out while other kids continue to swim, kids not giving a full effort, continuing the repetitions even though they are off pace because they don’t want to sit out, and failing on purpose because they don’t feel like going 100%. A one on one coach and swimmer is great but with large group it forcing the kids to have self-accountability. That’s asking a lot. Doc, I think you said something on here like making big changes is really difficult because peoples jobs are on the line and it is really risky to change something if it has been working okay in the past.

Garrett McCaffery just did a pretty good interview on Chris Ritters Podcast the title is USRPT 2.0 but really he does more of the parametric system. He said that they do mostly 25’s and 50’s at race pace and the goal of the training is to get in as many yards at race pace as possible. He said that the biggest mistake that he made as a coach was telling parents about the type of training that they were doing and the philosophy behind it. There was backlash and people left the club because they were moving away from traditional training. Parents were asking questions about lack of endurance training.

I think a lot of coaches believe that race pace training is the way to go. At the end of the day coaching is a job and job security is important. Implementing a mostly all race pace training program is going to be met with resistance and skepticism if that is not what the swimmers are used to. I think fear of rocking the boat prevents coaches from trying new things.