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I have done it with club kids and college kids numerous times. I do it to keep them from over swimming the first 4 and (exploding the set) seems to help manage their speed. e.g. 50s on 1:00, with first 4 on :50. That 10 second difference gets them a little more focused and then when you give them back 10 seconds they think that’s great and do a really good job the rest of the set.

There is nothing “magical” about the rest interval. We’ve tested, as in lactate testing, and found little to no difference in lactate readings with 50s on :50 or 50s on 1:00. So, it’s not going to hurt him one way or the other.

Find something and stick with it. Record the information for a season and see what happens. The key indicator is always does it line up with what they do in a race? That’s the bottom line and you make your adjustments from there.

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