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lefthanded swimmer

Hi Marlin,
I realize the mixed rest periods aren’t ideal but, for some reason, at the exact same pace, 20 seconds shuts him down in about 10 repeats and he hits over 25 at 30 seconds easily. I switched the set in the middle to get him a little more race pace work as this happened with 2 of the 25 sets. Probably not ideal but made it where we weren’t just swimming 800 yards race pace for the day! 🙂 We will try 25 second rest (in between) for the next repeat of the set.


I see your reply on rest times. Any idea why the above would happen? Is it normal? My goal was to nail a time with an easier than 1:1 ratio of work/rest and try to duplicate that with a closer to 1:1 rest before dropping a target time.

Does anyone look at stroke cycle pace a lot? I like to look at it. My son has had such a slow pace from “survival swimming” and we have put a lot of emphasis on it.

USRPT seems very suitable for short course with heavy use of under waters. We really have focused on exactly the number of kicks we want, where are we surfacing, what is the time underwater, kicks per second (ideally around 2 kicks per second). Things he could never ever think about until race time before.