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Not sure exactly why that is happening. But I do have to adjust the rest interval for my sprint male swimmers. It can be a couple times a week some weeks. Just the individual.

“Stroke cycle pace” We call it “Tempo” or Stroke Rate” e.g. 1.00 tempo would be 60 rate. You get the arithmetic. We use tempo trainers all the time in practice and there a number of different ways you can set them up and get pretty creative and the kids seem to enjoy it. FINIS makes them and Swim Outlet usually has the best price $35-40. The Pro has more functions and you can change the battery yourself. With the old ones once the battery went out you had to spend another $40. Pissed a lot of coaches off because some of us had 30 of those things.

As you get better with this you can start adding more metrics to generate “outs” miss if you can’t hold cycle (we have done sets that cycles and tempo are the objective), miss if you miss tempo or if you miss cycle and time your out. You can screw it down to the point they have to be perfect. Not sure I’d go that far with a younger swimmer and coach.

You can play what we call “beat the beep” works very well for 25s. The kids say the 50s sets (BTB) we do give them nightmares and it’s mentally stressful. You want pure 1:1, use a tempo trainer.

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