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Let me guess. You’ve had a couple of bad days and a meet or two and YOU are ready to throw in the towel.

Did someone tell you this was easy? If they did they lied! You have to be diligent in your record keeping and not just 3 months. You need at least 3 seasons i.e. scy – lcm – scy. So you can see patterns develop, and they do. After that you might have enough information to make some sound adjustments or have enough data that someone with more experience can help you.

I think YOU are way ahead of yourself without any practical experience. Sure you’ve studied all that Dr. Rushall has posted like a number of other posters on the site and used it as your bible (blind faith is dangerous and the lack of understanding of human physiology is equally). Out in the field of human performance things don’t always happen the way it’s written (most coaches understand that). You had said you were an accountant, life is pretty orderly, rows and columns and everything adds up. But what happens when things don’t add up? You just throw up your hands and quit? Or you do you back track and see where the problem is? Welcome to coaching and most of the coaches out here are working with 24-30 swimmers, not just one, again welcome to coaching!

Coaching is like investing in the stock market. You invest your money in a couple of stocks named Fr50, Fr100 and Bu100 and at the end of the year you get a return on your investment of Fr50 3%, Fr100 2.6% and Bu100 -1% and so you either make adjustments to try and improve your return on Bu100 or maybe you change the portfolio and drop the Bu100 and add the 2IM. As coaches we are always trying to maximize your returns and we make adjustments accordingly to help our client.

Really! 3 months.

? All that is not shared... is lost.