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lefthanded swimmer

You’re obviously a voice of reason. The swimmer is frustrated and I am too. Sorry for venting. It is hard for me to realize anything we do is a 3 seasons out process when the swimmer is a late bloomer. Once 3 seasons are over, it’s time for college and too late. He is already behind the curve. During 12’s, while everyone winning is either lithe as a butterfly or man sized with a new prominant adam’s apple, my son turned into Bobby Hill overnight. Now that he is changing physically we aren’t seeing a lot of results with USRPT. It’s frustrating to see done with 25 repeats at 14.5 when his 100 test set (rested) is at 15.3 for laps 2-4 which is slower than when we started USRPT!

My take away from your helpful comments is to look at the data and make adjustments.