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Don’t sorry for venting. If you look back at post from doc or oldschool you’ll see I get on my “soapbox” every now and then. It’s OK.

There are a number of coaches, master swimmers and parents that now coach their kids that think that just because they have read all the bulletins it’s just “plug and play” (if I just follow this everything will be great and wonderful) and that is the furthest thing possible. You have to remember they don’t have any data and if they did they would have posted it! He’s a researcher, and knows better. Their “n” is still one. Which was one of the problems coaches had when this first came out. Look it up.

I’ve attend clinics on USRPT and not one time did anyone post anything about the ebb and flow of a season, not once. We’re just suppose to except this because they have published 51+ bulletins. I wish it was that simple, boy do I wish. They give the impression that everyone just progresses thru and bingo gets faster.

It will take roughly 3 seasons to gain reliable data. You can take some wags and swags based off the data from practice before then. But just keep good notes.

“behind the curve” All sports look for the early maturing athlete. Think about it you’re watching college football on TV and they tout “this kid is a “true” freshman, 6’6′ and 300+lbs. and has a full beard. Really, you don’t need to have a PhD in Exercise Physiology to figure that one out. When the average HS lineman is 5’8″ and 175lbs. You have to be creative and look at lower DI or II schools. That’s the reality.

I still believe you need to adjust the training to the race specifics. “n x 25 on 1:00” as 1/2 of first 50 pace and “n x 50 on 2:00” as 2nd 50 of 100. Everything from a push.

I’ve attached some files for your review of our past season for “n x 25 stk on 1:00” and “n x 50 stk on 2:00”. Some explanations “early season”, we’re “accumulating potential” (money in the bank) “Mid S” is our mid-season shave meet and “Conf.” is what we did at the conference meet. You do have to remember that we’re old guys with a stop watch in practice versus electronic timing 🙂 and faster is always better.

It does work. But you have to work at it!

Sorry for the lengthy reply.

? All that is not shared... is lost.

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