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These are a snapshot of a total of 10, I track for a 48 member team. Let’s look at the attached file labeled “v2” which is “n x 50 on 2:00”. We’ll take swimmer #1, has a training pace (TP) of 24.71, this is a no slower than speed. Early season (each column is a meet performance split off official results). You can see that performances ebb and flow but not far off from (TP) the one that’s 29.41 is actually a 2IM back split as we were contemplating swimming 2IM. You can see the conference (conf) split lines up pretty well with (TP) and what they had done all season (2nd place and BT 100fly and 1st place, conference record and BT 200fly).

There is no reason to “expect being 2 seconds slower” is acceptable. BE on PACE. All 50s are from a push and mimic the race with regards to underwater work, turn speeds, cycles and tempo. It has to or they are unable to make their time. It forces them to think under fatigue and execute and the body to deliver energy at that speed. If you look at attached file “v1” you see roughly the same ebb and flow.

The most interesting information is the #O (number offered), #M (number made) and % of TO (percentage of number made from number offered) columns. Especially, the #M. You see that it really doesn’t take much to create an improvement in performance. Just because you can do a boat load of 25s at a speed that is to slow to the actual race so what.The problem is the majority of coaches don’t write down nor track this information and really miss out on some critical adjustments that can help avoid or at least try and avoid a disaster. This is all easily set-up in Excel. Don’t need to be an accountant or IT guy. I have a degree in Physical Education and I figured it out. (YouTube great resource) 🙂 Now you hopefully see why it’s a 3 season process to gain the data.

With regards to the “warm-up” Do whatever you (the athlete) think you need to, to get yourself ready to swim fast. Be it at the club or college level. I hate the “What should I do for warm-up?”. They swim some type of warm-up ever day before practice. Pick one. Second most hated is “How do you want me to swim this race?” the answer is “You will swim it very close to how you train it”. It’s a learned helplessness (T.Mc). Take OWNERSHIP.

Again it’s not that hard. You just have to work at it.

Sorry for the long diatribe. I’ll stop.

I didn’t do them with the college kids as we competed so often with back to back weekends, a weekend off and then another competition. I figured it was too much. Worked out fine and was still able to make adjustments when needed.

When I was doing them. Yes, they had a full recovery between say 4 x 25 on 1:00 and 6 x 50 on 1:00. Lot of times it was just one test per day.

In-season evaluations. Currently I’m using “number made” especially when they make depending on the set 12-16 in a row. In fact we’re experimenting with the group staying over the summer with sets like “make 16 in a row say 50s stk on 1:00” you’re done with that set. They have responded very well and when they rattle off 12-16 in a row it’s time to adjust pace. Then comes the tricky part of “How much of an adjustment?”

Hopefully this makes sense 🙂

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