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I’ll reiterate what Marlin said “Just aim for 11 next session, 12 the next time and so on”. That is a huge key to the puzzle and how you sequence your work has a huge impact on how well they do.

I don’t even write on the workout anymore “12 x 50 fr on 1:00”. It’s just “50 fr on 1:00” and they have the numbers done posted within the workout from at least the last 4 times they have done the set and a rolling average. All I’m asking them is try like !@## to be better than the last time or better the average. I’m not going to tell you this was easy to do, especially with kids that come from traditional training programs (welcome to college swimming). But they actually enjoyed it and the responses we got back on the end-of-season surveys was extremely positive. A take away from the surveys was they liked the objectivity. Here’s the expectation (TP) and now get it done!

I know short reply! Shocking 🙂

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