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Makes total sense, as always @doc!

She’s certainly lacking base speed, although her 100m times are influenced by the bad start problem, she loses at least a second on the start and spends the first 25 catching up to the rest. Progress in that department is rather slow, I can’t seem to find a way to improve her start in a major way in a rather short term. Kicks are good, it’s just the backwards dive and entry that poses problems.

We do sets for the first 50, she’s usually in the low 32’s there. I also offer sets for speed (25’s on 1:00 for split of 1st 50/100 and 25’s on 2:00 split 50), we’ll see on Sunday what the outcome will be.

The problem to me is that she’s a bit too impatient. When I tell her to aim for 16-20 50’s targeting <35 she gets angry with me 🙂 “I want to go 33’s”. In SCM I know she wants to go 2:16, PB is 2:21 from May 2015. She sets the bar very high, and this results in less consistent performances in the sets. On a good day she manages 7-8 50’s in a row on 1:00 below 34 (we started out on 1:10). On bad days she doesn’t even get to sub-34. Then she gets frustrated and angry, she’s quite the handful 😛

best perfomances & splits LCM:
1Ba: 1:06.43: 32.10 + 34.23 (Mar 2016)
1Ba: 1:06.59: 32.76 + 33.83 (Apr 2016)
2Ba: 2:23.76: 33.93 + 36.11 + 36.89 + 36.83 (Jul 2015, she was only 1:08.00 for 1Ba at the same meet)
2Ba: 2:23.82: 33.63 + 36.65 + 37.43 + 36.11 (Feb 2016)
2Ba: 2:23.84: 33.45 + 36.65 + 37.57 + 36.18 (Feb 2016)

It’s been a while since we did a SCM meet, but personal bests are: 2:21.23 (May 2015) and 1:05.20 (Dec 2015).
So 1Ba times have improved ; 2Ba: we’re struggling for almost a year now, although she’s definitely improved in the sets.