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I apologize for the very late reply. But thank you very much for the kind words.

One I owe a couple of Russian coaches a great deal of gratitude for introducing me to the system and the real inter workings, with out their help and sharing of their knowledge of the system I would have floundered. I will always be gratefully to them. I will say the one thing they didn’t do was correlate the protocol sets to actual race pace. Whole another topic.

Funny thing is that most have abandoned the system. Some are here in US and I think they have fallen into “entertaining” swimmers and not truly training for human performance. I understand its grinding. You have to rehearse every day the race model. It’s like dancers they don’t rehearse the steps for 3 months and on the night of the recital change the steps.

Man I hope this makes sense.

? All that is not shared... is lost.