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I’m still blown away by not the low number made per set but the low amount of sets per event that some of your guys are doing. Your top 1/2 flyer in particular. You wrote that he did nx50 on 2:00 22 times in 22 weeks and nx50 on 1:00 20 times in 22 weeks. From the looks of the nx25 on 1:00 spreadsheet, he is only hitting that set 1 or 2 times per week. And I guess he’s doing a little bit of work for the 50 fly in the 200 medley relay? That seems like such a low amount of fly sets offered for someone whose best two events are the 1 and 2 fly. How anyone can go 1:42 doing one set per week for 50’s 2,3,4 just blows my mind. I suppose he is getting in additional mid d sets for the 2 free or 2im but still, I would have expected him to be going 50’s at 200 fly pace 3 times per week. Just one set per week on your main event and having the tp correlate with the rp is awesome.

For your sprinters that only swim 50’s and 100’s, do you ever have them do 50’s on 1:00 at 200 pace? I’m talking about the people that are never going to swim a 200 at a conference or championship meet but are still trying to have a great 100 not just a 50, is it necessary for them to put in any 200 work?