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He swims a boat load of fly. He was n x 25 on 1:00 and n x 25 on 2:00 (pwr) and n x 100s at back 1/2 200 pace (that set hurts like !@#$ and not many enjoy it). Plus he is a 1:51.23 2 IMer and so we have those strokes we have to address. So every day he will have 3 protocol sets he has to work on and all at race specific paces with a focus on underwater work, turn speeds and surface swimming skills i.e tempo and cycles. Funny thing is he was a non-believer starting out and now really tough to argue it won’t work.

After years now of recording data and trying to make a correlation from training to race. I’m starting to think “you really don’t have to do that much volume to create an adaption”. But it has to be as specific as you can get and you have to rehearse it damn near very day with some segment of the race and the big one “YOU HAVE TO LET THEM STOP WHEN THEY CAN’T HOLD PACE”.

The “drop dead guys” that need a lap counter to swim the 200. Yes, they will swim 50s on 1:00, they don’t really get to high numbers on them (controlled by me) as you have to be careful or you will swim the speed right out of them. I’ll do things like “swim 8 in a row at TP and you can stop” They like the challenge and they will even admit they like to feel the “sting”. Not a lot but a little 🙂 It also gives the Mid-Distance and Distance group something to give them !@#$ about:)

Hope this helps,

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