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Jesus! calm down! You are way to emotionally attached to this situation.

Bulletin 58, 18 pages of BS and produced nothing! Sure a lot of studies validating his thoughts (many I agree with). But where the hell is the data! It’s been two years of preaching about USRPT and nothing. Not one example of even one swimmer doing what he says. Where the hell is the data! He claims to be some evidence based researcher. Where is the evidence? He claims that some club in Australia is having great results. Then where is the data? Training pace to race, where is it?

His one swimmer: Michael Andrew at Mesa Arena Pro Meet splits.

100 breast: 28.98/32.49 = 1.01.47, his 25s with no more than 20 rest should be 15.38.
Just an FYI. I had the kid that WON that event. Using 25s on 1:00 and 50s on 2:00 and he was with in 03 of projected.

100 fly: 25.42/30.30 = 55.71 for an average 25 pace of 13.92, I seriously doubt it.If he is, he is travelling to slow.

200 IM: 26.33/32.75/38.56/31.78 = 2:09.42. From these splits I can tell you what he needs to hold for 25’s on 1:00, 50’s on 2:00, 50s on 1:00 and 100’s. No BS. Fact! (over 2000 splits to prove it)

His splits DON’T line up with what is actually happening. But then again we don’t actually know because no data is produced.

If I was trying to convince coaches that my way was better. Why would you not post data? I’ll tell you why. He doesn’t have it! He was one swimmer and that’s it and they don’t share.

You can do this! Take his first 50 of the 200 fly and that’s “50s on 2” pace (hint it should also be the 2nd 50 of 100 fly) and for “50s on 1:10” use the average of 2, 3, & 4 figure standard deviation add that back to average and that’s pace. Simple.

Screw the damn numbers Rushall talks about! Just do more than the last time you offered the set. That’s all you can ask for.

God damn it! stroke/cycle is TEMPO or STROKE RATE!. If he is holding pace he will have to hold tempo and cycle. It will replicate the race! Let him swim the RACE!

Let’s admit. You have no clue what you are doing.


? All that is not shared... is lost.