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lefthanded swimmer

Thanks for the numbers Doc and I agree with you on Rushall lack of data. I don’t think you know my swimmer well enough, understandably so, to know that I am using what you say for his 50 pace. I’ll forgive your angst as I know you work with fully developed college swimmers exclusively and I do not! I do take exception to what you say that I don’t know what I am doing (You sound a bit like a pious traditional coach spouting out a years worth of training systems mumbo jumbo). Maybe my swimmer will succeed is spite of me much like the best ones do with coaches all around the country where the coaches think they are playing a huge part in that success (which is largely untrue).

As for tempo. I don’t see why you attack this. My son developed slow tempo doing traditional/survival swimming. Part of starting USRPT was to develop faster tempo (thus faster swimming). We started out doing mostly 25 repeats and got his pace down and speed way up (on the 25 repeats). However, in a test set for a 100 he is fading AND not replicating personal bests. He practically couldn’t do a 200 fly test set and goes out way too fast. Letting him swim the “race” is causing him to not even being able to hold finish the race. I think it’s a byproduct of USRPT (that I was hoping was fixable or I wouldn’t have posted!).

As for Michael Andrews..I don’t get a rats ass about his training or Michael Phelps training. They are outliers and anyone with common sense will know not to try to replicate the outlier.

The second part of my post is simple (and also data driven). Is it unusual to get less production out of the 50s set versus the 25s? This part I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have a clue. You are right. It’s why I am here. I don’t know if it matters or if it is unusual. If I had 15 kids in a group I might be able to figure this out, but I don’t. I have one kid.

I am not too emotional about this. I am looking for data and ideas not a group hug or anything else of that nature. I understand data more than ANYONE here having been a CPA for a multinational managing 7 currencies, 400 Million in debt (also multicurrency) while compiling actual results, Forecast x 10 for 70 entities. I also am not a swimmer but played an explosive sport-tennis on a very high level and I bring a different perspective. These characteristics should be embraced by others on here. If it’s a forum for just coaches then it should say so. I am interested, well read and participating in a forum where there are mostly crickets chirping (not a lot of people here..get it?)

Rushall did make some interesting observations about traditional training in that kids don’t do what the sets say to do. They don’t complete things, they cut corners, cheat, pull into the wall, skip sets, sandbag sets to “whip” someone on another, go to the bathroom, miss days because of school or whatever and the coach thinks it’s a good set because no one is fading into oblivion. He had a few good nuggets in the bulletin but his numbers on USRPT sets is what conflicts my data. I am here because I am a data of one.