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In some of your other posts you have mentioned paraphrase here that “he’s a late maturer and it’s going to be to late for college” and the above as I read it has a tone of urgency/panic. Right or wrong that’s how I read it. I’ll take the tongue lashing.

I know exactly what your son is like. I spent 35 years as a club coach with the last 23 as CEO/HC. So I’ve seen hundreds. Spent more than enough time with too short, late and early maturer, no real feel for the water, etc. and had to make something out of it. Correct the data you have seen is complied from college swimmers and I also have 20+ years of club swimmers.(if you search through some older post (1+yrs) you’ll see data on the club kids) I believed it would work anywhere with any level of athlete and the DATA supports that it can.

I’m not attacking tempo. It’s just one piece of the puzzle and can be easily address using a tempo trainer. The other part of the equation is cycles. Remember in it’s simplest form velocity is “tempo times cycles” or “SR X SL”.

Your question about 2 fly set. Quick little test. Have him prone float. Just lay face down on the water with legs on the surface and then just relax and let the water do whatever it wants. You just watch and see what happens. If he sinks to the bottom say within 5 seconds you might want to reconsider swimming the 2 fly. If his legs sink say in the 30 degree angle or greater and his upper body stays on the surface he might be OK for the 2 fly. But could be a bit of a struggle at times. Try and see. You maybe trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Your 50s question. Yes, you are not going to get the same numbers. They always achieve higher numbers when doing 25s regardless of abilities. 50s hurt!

The bulletin was nothing new. If you have read the others like you say you have then you would agree. Who cares about the “pretenders” it’s about getting results. Do you know anything about the Carlisle Programs in Australia? It’s huge and one of the better programs “down under” Dr. references them all the time as an example of USRPT. Why no data? Let coaches see how it works with all ages and see how the numbers progress good or bad. Could possibly answer some questions and get more coaches at least THINKING.

You have no clue of how long it took on this forum just to get coaches to post actual splits.(Those that have been on the forum from the beginning know what I’m talking about)and then to start looking at them and “letting the numbers talk to them). But first you have to have the data. I believe now that coaches are posting more splits they look at what they are doing and what they had done, and can explain some things. Sure ask better questions. How do you avoid your failures and replicate successes if you don’t write stuff down?

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