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The float idea is actually something I picked up from Bill Boomer in 1992 and is called the “Aquatic Signature”. It holds pretty true and is a simple test that at least gives you an idea of what you are dealing with and possibly the path to go (it’s not perfect. But what it takes 10 minutes of your time to maybe have a better idea?). For coaches that may read this maybe spend the last 10 minutes of practice in the deep end and see what happens. (Nothing ventured, nothing gained). Just make mental notes and then watch practice and see (kids with better float angles make higher number of of 50s on whatever interval ???). The 30 degree angle is about the high end range of 200 swimmers, including 2IM. Greater than 33ish, and things get a little rough. Not so much for you 🙂 But for the swimmer it hurts like !@##. Square peg, round hole or you may be trying to make a thoroughbred into a donkey.

The coaches/parents/master swimmers on this forum believe the research that the good Dr. was presented. Because it is based on sound research and how the body handles work. That’s not the issue. Coaches/parents/master swimmers from the questions I see and respond to is ” does it work?” or “what kind of numbers are you getting?” etc. That’s where I have the problem with no data from Dr. Rushall. He put this out there and leaves everybody hanging. Support your idea/theory/hypothesis, DO SOMETHING! and what you get is crickets. Sure you get some note at the bottom of a new bulletin about some club in Australia, BUT no data. So we’re just suppose to accept this on blind faith? Coaches jobs depend on this working and some have made a leap of faith and crossed their fingers and hope like !@## it works and need support that they have chosen the right path.

You guessed it! For the guys that have been on the forum from pretty much the beginning know, Good old Doc, he’s on his “soap box” again 🙂 But if I’m wrong tell me. I have no problem with it.

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