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lefthanded swimmer

I agree with you Doc on data. I don’t want to know what sets Michael Andrews can do (although that might be interesting, it’s just not likely applicable). I want to see a team of 150 or more average to above average swimmers with the data for ALL of them! Thanks for sharing your data Doc.

Thanks on the float test. It kind of makes sense though, on 200 fly your natural position would be more apparent at the slightly slower tempo (although the elite swimmers swim 200 fly at a pretty damn fast tempo!).

My son has been doing better by figuring out that day 4 is a rest day and we just don’t swim on that day. If we swim 4, it’s a waste and likely to make 5 or 6 weak too.

FYI: I just got back from vacation where we swam in a 25M pool. It didn’t have a line in it. My son always has some trouble losing tempo into the wall. In this pool without a line he didn’t loose tempo AND it was even a longer distance (25M rather than 25Y). It’s a mental thing, I suppose with knowing the wall is close..anyway, something to work through and thought it was worth sharing!