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They really have to focus. It’s against all instinct to exhale before dropping underwater and will take them a few attempts to figure it out.

Somethings we’ve done in the past is:

1. Large LEGO blocks and sink to the bottom and see how many you can put together on one exhale. After a couple attempts they get pretty good at it. Had some guys that go get all 28 stacked.

2. No LEGO blocks. Go to the hardware store and buy some 4″-5″, 1/2 or greater bolts with about 3 washers each and nuts. Scatter them over the bottom of the pool and tell them “you get one breath and put them together” The kicker is you have to “exhale” first 🙂

What you see is we’re real comfortable in the first 18 inches of water. But after that not so comfortable. I did this at a clinic and had some pretty good swimmers not even come close to putting the bolts, washer and nuts together.

I have them exhale and get to the 25m mark as fast as they can. Which is very close to “n x 25 on 2:00” and they are 25s on 1:00. We try not to “clutter” things. Just swim fast. I think that as coaches we think we have to give them ALL the information or we’re not coaching. Just let them “rip” and see happens.

Did it again with a breaststroker this am and the kid went crazy! Had to hold 15.00, on 25s on 1:00 and was holding 14.66 avg with stdev .13.

I really think it distracts/feels different enough that they “just swim”

This is now the “ART” of coaching (based on some science :)).

Keep playing with it and let us know what you see.

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