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This is really interesting. It’s interesting that they would drop time right away without having to go through multiple sessions and have a training effect take place. I tried this on Sunday at the end of practice. I was too tired to do full 25’s but I just did underwaters timed with the tempo trainer. I did them on 3.5 alternating inhaled and exhaled. I was surfacing right at 3.5 and looked at where I was on the lane rope right at the beep. It was kind of hard to tell but I think I may have gotten a tiny bit further on the exhaled reps. I ended up getting a calf cramp on an exhaled rep and I had to stop. I rarely get cramps.

For sprint breaststroke a long time ago, I experimented with doing no breathers, at least through the first 25 of a 50. I would take a full inhale on the start though. On a 25 sprint, I was faster by .1-2 than breathing every stroke. It was a normal stroke, I didn’t keep my face in the water or anything like that, I just didn’t breathe on the recovery. I think it allowed me to be a little bit quicker on the recovery portion of the stroke and helped me maintain a quick tempo. Even though you try to take a quick breath I think most swimmers sacrifice a little time on the breath during sprint. I think not breathing made my tempo faster but I had the same dps. If you think about it, if I had a tempo of .02 faster than with breathing and had the same dps, I would get to the wall .16-.2 faster on 8-10 strokes. I had forgotten about this and am going to try doing this again. Thanks for the reminder Doc! The faster recovery with the same dps could be part of the reason why you breaststroker went so fast on those 25’s.