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Thanks for your reply. My swimmers are all sprinters, the way I wrote my post may have been slightly misleading. When I say we do 400 race pace I mean in the day we will do 4 sets of 100 RPT (ie ??x25, where ??= 3 times failure, max reps would be 30 if they do not fail 3 times).
My largest male is 6ft 5 and very muscular as we used to do a lot of gym work and very surprisingly he has maintained the majority of his muscle despite not having done any gym or dry land work, except for core, for just over 3 months now. He struggled a lot with OS and Salo sets but he is thriving on USRPT, he is just having trouble converting his training to the race but it is getting better every race, though he has yet to break his PB. The other boy is smaller in stature and is a 200 flyer, he used to die badly with OS training but since starting USRPT he is a different swimmer and has improved his 200 fly by 5sec, though his 100 fly is still very much in flux, it can be good or it can be a disaster.
Unfortunately only the girl is struggling, partly it is stroke as we have changed her strokes to fit in with the USRPT and when she is feeling good she is crazy fast operating well below her RP with ease. But then she will feel tired the next day, her strokes will be off and her times more what her RP should be or worse. It is very hard to know what to do with her. Unfortunately this has all cost her a place in Rio so I want to get it sorted for next season as it is the World shorts.
Maybe I should have said but the boys are 19 and 20 and the girl is just 18.