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My situation is a bit different to yours. However if you are looking at extending your training time to more match up with what the other groups are doing, I have a few suggestions for you.

Warm up – my guys spend about 20 to 30min warming up on land prior to entering the water, this warm up consists of arm swinging, leg swinging, knee ups, walking lunges, 2 to 4 laps walking round the pool, skipping etc. After this we do a speed specific set ie swiss ball kicks, jumping fast feet, press up with claps etc. When this is finished they get in the water and will do normally a Salo type water warm up ie 200 choice, 2×100 strokes of the day, 4×25 (usually 15m fast or build into a easy scull on back to the 25mm). Some also then like to do some underwater work or some dives or turns, this I also do at the end of the session usually on a rotation basis ie Mon morning underwater work, mon evening dive and glide, Tue morning wall kicks to turn, Tue afternoon dives to 10 or 15m underwater, after this I cycle back to Mon morning.

For the Gym I have a specific core routine with stretch cord sets that my swimmers do, if you are interested I will happily send you a copy of it. The gym core work they do Mon and Fri afternoon after the session and Wed afternoon they go to Yoga, for relaxation, focus and stretching. I do not allow them to stretch before a session only after it which they are supposed to do every day for at least 15min but 20min is preferable.

I hope this gives you some ideas, you did not say much about how you organise a typical session so maybe you do most of what I have suggested already.