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What I read in your post is that you’re worried not to be in the USRPT circle hence not successful.
According to all experts most important task for a successful coach is teaching swimmers the correct technique. You should ask yourself how can you transfer your notion of a perfect swim stroke into the brains of your swimmers. The skill to teach perfect swimming technique isn’t claimed by USRPT. That means you can be successful as a coach with or without USRPT.
To teach your swimmers the correct technique I would recommend deliberate practice sessions. There’s scientific evidence that deliberate practice is much more effective than every other method.

Do you apply results from psychology studies to your training? With the knowledge from such studies you get more often the results you want from your team. How to use psychology in your training sessions isn’t written down in USRPT bulletins but the knowledge is vital for the success of your swimmer.

Conditioning even though not as important as technique and psychology is the most discussed topic. Your swimmers do USRPT sets and you can’t reproduce the straight line of improvement as shown in the bulletins? You’re not the only one. Fact is adaption comes to a halt when getting the same stimulus over a longer time. You need a new stimulus. Get creative and put in some variations in your conditioning training.