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I thought he did really well at trials also. I thought his 200 IM was incredible because he said in an interview that he didn’t do any 200 IM training leading up to trials. They put most of the focus on 100 breast which was smart because that was his best chance. It’s incredible that he did so well in the 200 IM without training for it.

As for training for longer events, you may get your wish. MA swam the 400IM long course in a meet yesterday. A lot of people are calling for him to start to narrow it down, but I think he should keep swimming a lot of events and keep his options open. Then when world champs trials, Olympic trials are a few months away, put all the focus on the best 2 or 3 events. I think this is kind of what they did with this years trials, and I think it’s a good plan.

I’d like to see him start doing the 200 free on a regular basis to help his IM. And I think he should revamp his stroke technique. His 50 is good but the 100 and up it is clearly his worst technical stroke. I don’t think it’s a matter of getting sloppy at the end of the race either. His technique is exactly what he practices. I had his freestyle technique video. Also, if he brings his dolphin kicks up to the level of the top flyers and backstrokers, he is going to be an absolute freak.