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Lefthanded swimmer and a “universal” you.
What data/research are you looking for? Why don’t you post what you have? Season end results with correlations between race and training, total number made for the season i.e. 25s, 50s, and etc. Whatever you have done? Why is someone else supposed to provide this? I’d figure after a year worth of data gathering coaches would have plenty to post. Right or wrong just putting it out there and see if anyone else is seeing the same thing.

Maybe you might try the search function on this site and see some of what has been posted by very very few coaches. Try searching Billratio, KngLenny, oldschool, doc, Kevin or Marlin and see what they have posted. They actually have tried to post at least what they have or are seeing.

I spoke with MA’s dad at the US Open and was not impressed with the information. No correlations from training to race, nothing. You would figure with just one swimmer you would have a boat load of information to share. Nope and most was anecdotal at best. Really! You’re trying to promote a system and you have nothing to share?

If you are looking for the Holy Grail, it ain’t happening. If you are looking for the good Dr. to post data. It ain’t happening. Not now or in the future. It just isn’t. Because he doesn’t have any! Lots of anecdotes and 50+ bulletins, but that ain’t data.

I’ve seen this happen before everyone gets all worked up about some new “system”, everything goes sideways, everyone gets all excited and then finds out you actually have to do some work and think and it falls by the way side.

Just a general observation

? All that is not shared... is lost.