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lefthanded swimmer

That was my observation about usrptia. Unfortunately, it looks like you agree about the site. It doesn’t even have a forum. It was disappointing. Doc you and others have been great mentors on this site; thank you. What’s been most helpful is for you to encourage me or anyone to collect data and do what works without being locked into a so called poorly doucmented system. What brought us here (USRPT) is my child being frustrated with long distance training and not responding. We spent first 3 months correcting survivor strokes and a little more than 3 months driving up a slow tempo. USRPT is definitely a tool that helps with tempo. I’m an accountant (not a real coach) and track everything. We started modifying practices after 3 months to get more from training because my son would crash every third day. We added more calories with drinks and even eating during practice which helped tremendously. We also do a mix of short race work now not just USRPT sets. If the goal is MORE race training, this has worked. We get more race pace work by not doing just USRPT. I’ve documented this for us. I track yards by race pace and other. We get in 800-1500 race pace yards a practice now. We target almost exclusively 100 events and 200 IM. Now my data is tainted by pubertal growth because my son was 5’8″,170 6 months ago. He is 5’11”,162 now and still growing. We didn’t compete over long course (other than one meet). Other than an invitational early summer for short course, we don’t have meet data. Our first meet is 10/1. Because of not building a cardio base like traditional seems to do once in long course and again for several months in short course, we have done this on a smaller scale during August and September but we always do race pace swimming in every practice and those sets are first rather than last. Would love to hear what works and doesn’t work from the real coaches out there. Can’t say enough about a fairly high caloric juice during practice for him. We also adopted a modified paleo diet. It isn’t a low carb diet as we include tubers but no grains (corn, bread, rice etc.) This was a health decision more than an athletic decision. Another piece of data I have is genetic data from 23andme done more for ancestry purpose for the family. A lot of data from 23andme supports that race training is what we need to be doing.