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Just not sure what coaches will get out of it. Not sure many clubs needing a coach are going to require them to be USRPT certified. It’s much like ASCA’s coach certification of I thru V. OK, but not really required to get a coaching job. I hate saying this but will having that certification make the coach any more money?

Interesting on the nutrition. I did something similar, after watching a YouTube video from Dr. Tim Noakes. I reduced eating carbs to under 90 grams a day (he wants it in the 20-30g/d, but I like ice cream) and lost 34 lbs. Now granted I’m 62 and 6’3″ was 265. But feel a lot better.

The genetic information could be really interesting. If you know how to use it.

I’ve attached a couple of files on PHV that might help understand what is going on with the athlete’s development. They can explain a lot of the ups and downs with athlete performances.
1. is the shortened version 2. Is much more in-depth with research out of Canada and their LTAD program.

? All that is not shared... is lost.

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