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lefthanded swimmer

Thanks Doc. I looked up the actual files you uploaded. The growth chart stuff helps…he is in his growth spurt finally at 15. It’s been so very hard for my son to not do that well for several years. He understands it but it didn’t it easier. He is excited to finally be taller and thinner (dropped from 32 suit to 30). I told him he could be strong right now and a lot better but done growing or he could keep working patiently and continue to grow (no adams apple, short seated height, size 14 shoe, so more growing to come hopefully).

The genetic stuff is very interesting, you can dump the raw data from 23andme into a site called athletigen and it gives some basic information that may or may not be exact but it seems to match up with what I expected. Oxygen Effeciency; sprint/endurance; power; heat tolerance; Warrior/Worrier; Diet Stuff.

Example: High Core Temperature was on Athletigen/Lack of Heat Tolerance. We avoid any training in warm pools. This should have been a no brainer. We are all pale and hate the heat! Over 83, work load would drop in half. Very little outdoor swimming if at all.