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It’s called “speed reserve” the difference between top end speed and shall we say “going out” speed. I believe its one of the most over looked or even more, a complete lack of knowledge that it even exists for most coaches and especially in the training of “distance swimmers” Along with the lack of knowledge and understanding of PHV (Peak Height Velocity) has been the demise of many a young distance swimmer.

In cyclic sports you can use the following and this will vary depending on the distance used. Its probably the easiest way.

SR=(Td / n) -Ts
SR = Speed Reserve
Td = time on controlled distance
Ts = best time on a standard distance
n = number indicating by what factor the control distance is longer than the standard.
Hint: higher the number the better 🙂

You get to work on it and we’ll see what you come up with 🙂

Resources used are:
Theory & Methodology by Dr. Tudor Bompa, Should be in the third edition?
Science of Sport by Thomas Kurz, should still be available
Sports Training Principles by Dr. Frank Dick, should still be available
Dr. Dietrich Hare (Former East German researcher), If you can find his book BUY IT!

While I do admire Dr. Rushall for all the work he has put forward to help coaches there is a bit more that coaches need to have and that’s at least a basic knowledge of human physiology, so when they run into issues they have a fundamental base in which to work off. What do you do when the wheels start to come off the wagon?

Just playing around,


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