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For someone who has been both enlightened and motivated by Dr. Rushall’s work in both my athletic and coaching pursuits, I feel somewhat compelled to rebut your insinuations and interpretations of USRPT and the newly launched USRPTIA.

Firstly, it is disappointing that you have failed to acknowledge, as well as the majority of other contributors to this forum, that USRPT is a TECHNIQUE-orientated model.

I regularly read the content published in this forum with great dismay. Most of it surrounds conditioning (a lot of which is not USRPT conditioning), despite it being the least important aspect of USRPT. I cannot recall one thread or discussion about technique. I have provided a potential discussion question below as an example of what I consider should be common USRPT discussion within this forum.

In his book, Approaching Perfect Freestyle, Dr. Havriluk recommends that for an optimal non-breathing head position in freestyle, swimmers should look forward (at a 45 degree angle) so that both the wall at the end of the pool and the bottom of the pool are within view, and to feel the water level at the hairline. Conversely, Rushall suggests that the head should be down with the eyes looking directly at the bottom of the pool, and head depth should such that some water travels over the swimmer’s cap, in correctly-postured crawl-stroke. What do other coaches believe is most optimal for fastest/efficient freestyle swimming technique? What evidence do you have to support your position?

Moreover, and to answer your first question: My belief is that the USRPTIA does not require accreditation from any other organisation. It is an organisation in its own right. I believe it’s relevance will come from prospective membership and the value the swimming community places in it. This will obviously become more prominent as its membership grows, becomes more well known within the swimming community, and with time.

To try and begin to answer your second question, here is an excerpt from Rushall’s 2016 article “The least understood features of USRPT: Recognising USRPT pretenders”:

“Examples of USRPT claimants who are actually pretenders are rife across the internet… Beware of sites and programs that claim to be USRPT but fail to include one or more basic elements of the USRPT protocol in practice sessions. Recognizing USRPT program element omissions could indicate “pretenders” of USRPT coaching.”

It is apparent that a lot of coaches are claiming to be practicing USRPT, but are unfortunately misleading their athletes and swimming program stakeholders because they do not understand the specifics the training model demands. I believe USRPTIA certification is a strategy prominent figures within the USRPT community have identified to insure coaches can competently practice USRPT and advertise thier program as being USRPT without misleading the public.

Furthermore, I believe your statement about “make Rushall $$” is ill-informed and at least very harsh. It is clearly stated in the USRPTIA Articles and By-Laws that:

“The USRPTIA will carry out its activities without purpose of gain for its Members. Any profits generated by the USRPTIA will be used solely to promote its aims and objectives in congruence with its Mission Statement.”

It is a non-for-profit organisation. I hope that it is obvious to others on this forum that you have not read “through every single part of the site”. Similarly, the USPRTIA Education Committee has organised for other guest presenters to provide webinars. I am personally looking forward to Glenn Gruber’s presentation next month!

I hope this provides some food for thought for anyone interested.