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One, I don’t need to “acknowledge” anything. Coaches/Parents and even Master swimmers ask questions about the training system which on this site seems to be a bigger issue than technique. Those of us that have some experience/insight with a similar approach have offered some ideas, guidance, and even actual data. It may not be “conditioning” that is primary, but sure helps if you understand that part. It’s also very objective and coaches can “see and feel it”, with technique it can be very subjective more “touchy feely” not right or wrong, just is.

I did a search on this site of your user name and found the number of topics started 0, number of replies 9. If you are so dismayed then why didn’t you start the conversation about technique long before now? Get in the fight or stay on the sidelines and just read. It is safer that way.

You are entitled to your belief. But the reality is in order for USRPT to be recognized it eventually needs accreditation. Otherwise it’s just that, another organization.

What is the big deal about “USRPT pretenders” who cares? “It is apparent that a lot of coaches are claiming to be practicing USRPT”. Who is it “apparent” too? Who are the “prominent figures within the USRPT community have identified to insure coaches can competently practice USRPT and advertise their program as being USRPT without misleading the public”. Makes a huge assumption that the public cares.

“Beware of sites and programs that claim to be USRPT but fail to include one or more basic elements of the USRPT protocol in practice sessions. Recognizing USRPT program element omissions could indicate “pretenders” of USRPT coaching” So if a coach uses one or more of the basic elements (bits & pieces) he is USRPT? So then it’s not all or nothing? Can the coach make modifications to fit his or her situation? “Most of it surrounds conditioning (a lot of which is not USRPT conditioning)” or is it? But if you are following one or more of the basic elements then it is USRPT?

I ran a “not for profit” for 35 years and I will tell you if you don’t make a profit you won’t be in business long. We had the same verbiage in our by-laws. it makes donors feel good.

Doc/oldschool 73 topics started and 151 replies. At least I have skin in the game.

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