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“In his book, Approaching Perfect Freestyle, Dr. Havriluk recommends that for an optimal non-breathing head position in freestyle, swimmers should look forward (at a 45 degree angle) so that both the wall at the end of the pool and the bottom of the pool are within view, and to feel the water level at the hairline. Conversely, Rushall suggests that the head should be down with the eyes looking directly at the bottom of the pool, and head depth should such that some water travels over the swimmer’s cap, in correctly-postured crawl-stroke. What do other coaches believe is most optimal for fastest/efficient freestyle swimming technique? What evidence do you have to support your position?”

Look at the bottom of the pool, takes tension out of the neck and allows the shoulders to stay in the scapular plane and lets the joint work as designed. “Posture-Line-Balance” actual came from synchronized swimming back in the late 60s and I’ll say adopted/introduced by Bill Boomer and Milt Nelms to the swimming community in the late 80s. Create your shape before movement. We try and bring land based posture to the aquatic environment and it doesn’t work/play with the water well.

I think swimming is as bad as golf with the over analyzing of every little detail. Think of it as walking. Your hand is your foot and your shoulders are your hips. Did some one “teach” you to walk?

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