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Thanks again for your reply Doc,

That is very interesting about the history of the head position in freestyle. I didn’t know about that. Thanks for teaching me something!

I tend to agree with your point about looking directly at the bottom. It seems logical that looking down would require less energy and adhere to bio-mechanical principles. Havriluk argues however, that it is a misconception for the head to be submerged for the legs to stay behind the shoulders. He suggests, that although lowering the head may help to raise the legs, breathing then requires excessive head motion that distorts the body position and increases the body cross-section. Since the spine is closer than the head to the legs, arching the back is a much more effective way to control the leg position.

Does his argument have any weight? What evidence is there to suggest otherwise? I intuitively believe the features of body position he his suggesting would require a greater amount of energy to maintain the body in such a position than would keeping the head down and inline with back/bottom. I believe it would also minimize body rotation (effectively increasing the cross sectional area).