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The “training system” is really any program that follows the principles of progressive overload, specificity and technical training. There are a couple of varieties out there. Dr. Rushall did not invent nor discover the principles of training or interval training. They have been around for a very long time. He did put them into easier and more understandable form for coaches. Interesting side note is track. I speak with the track coaches all the time here and they say they shut things down when runners lose form. No form, no speed. The technical issue is always the number 1 priority.Here we adhere to once technical skills breakdown the set is over (failure of two in a row and they stop). Not sure why three in a set is relevant. You have any clue how hard that is for swimmers that have been pounded with “volume is what makes you fast” They are under the impression that 9k per workout at 80%, of race pace is somehow the reason they swim fast. I spent the better part of last season trying to convince these swimmers that that’s not the reason and they need to swim at race pace and I’m at a DI college program. Can you imagine a club coach trying to introduce this with the “all or nothing” attitude. I hope they have a second job. It’s obvious from your posts you don’t coach a club of any size. Otherwise you would understand that introducing any thing new, especially USRPT is better done in segments.

Really who cares whether it’s partial or whole? Who are these “stakeholders” you talk about? Have they invested money in this system? So much for non-profit. I’m just thankful that the coaches on this site are trying to get better and I’ll take that any day. Slowly, but surely we will move forward and I’ll help them any way I can.

The blind adherence to rest intervals is mind numbing. If your race splits don’t line up with what you are doing in practice then what are you going to do? There are correlations from practice sets to race speed. You may want to take the time and search “doc or oldschool” and see what has been posted. It’s actually rather spooky, if you are paying attention.

Technique in freestyle.
We tell the swimmers to keep one eyeball or goggle in the water when they breathe. All this shoulder rotation of 45, 33 or whatever is nonsense. Swim in a straight line and use the tension that you would use in jump rope. It’s not a crunch, it’s a firmness and it doesn’t require 45 minutes to an hour of dryland to accomplish. How strong do your abs have to be? If you just spent an hour and a half thinking about core tension, staying connected and focused on technical skill.

We have over thought this. But it makes for some great opportunities for people to make money.

Again, just thinking out loud.

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