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lefthanded swimmer

Doc has been very helpful to me! He has given information based on his implementations and answered numerous questions. Read what he is saying when your race data doesn’t line up with USRPT because it’s going to happen and you better have a plan! What do you do? USRPT doesn’t have an answer. USRPT states an expected volume based on 3 to 5 x the race distance and expected rest to work ratios. Do you just keep rest intervals at 2:1 on 50 repeat fly and stop at 4 or 5 “made” repeats and call it a set? That’s not even close to 600 yards. I think the bottom line is how do you get the most race pace relevant training in a practice and that takes adjustments that often aren’t “pure” USRPT. I also have a problem with the 3 fails. I can often tell my swimmer is about to fail. I often tell him, give me 2 more awesome repeats and lets call it a set. I think this is better than 1 fail, 1 good and another fail. Fail number 2 or 3, especially with fly, is quite ugly and negatively impacts the next set. I have data to back this up.

Technique and USRPT: You tell me how much a kid hears in 10-15 seconds at the wall on 25Y repeats after the 15th repeat. They are dying and they don’t hear you. Guess when their technique is most likely to falter? It’s when they are exhausted. It seems to me that USRPT sets work best with a more refined swimmer. I couldn’t imagine trying it with someone who has a noticeable technical flaw that you are trying to correct.

USRPTIA: I don’t think the new site is great. There’s no case study info. Coaches forum. It’s just not user friendly and that was disappointing.