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I did go to this site a couple of times. I must admit I, too, felt like this was a money-making deal. Did not see anything useful that didn’t involve a fee that I couldn’t get elsewhere. Not saying that’s the goal of it, but that was my reaction. This forum, however, has helped me tremendously in my coaching. I started as a strict usrpt format advocate and have since adjusted. I am still all about swimming at desired race pace, but I have gotten more specific in training different parts of the race.

I will admit that I was not able to get 400% to 500% on 15 or 20 seconds rest for any of my swimmers. Maybe that was my fault for not motivating properly, but I just couldn’t get those numbers of reps on that rest interval. I started adjusting/adding greater rest between each rep, while making sure we were training a goal time that would match the target times for their events, and I got better results. In that respect, I guess I’m not a true usrpt and probably just a guy training my swimmers at race pace. I can live with that!

This year, I’m going to spend an extra day and establish front end/back end target times where I simply adjust the rest interval between reps to try to simulate what they would be feeling in that race.

Pretty much everything I am doing with my team has been the result of some thoughtful feedback I have received on this forum along with questions I ask myself to keep complacency at bay. To that end, I can’t thank Doc/Old School enough for the very focused and useful feedback he has given. Over the last three years, our team has improved year over year from the previous year with these tweaks. I will continue to monitor this forum, and I hope it doesn’t shut down because I’m not sure if there is another forum where I can get the good, useful information and opinion that I get here.