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@coachc: wow, 50’s at back-half speed on 1min. How many do they make? I do this on 2min and they don’t make many.

A “bad turn” doesn’t only impact turn time, but also how many speed is carried into the next length. Often they have to make up for this speed loss in the first strokes of a length. They pay this cash at the end of the race.

I’ve been doing “pure” (Rushall) USRPT for a few years now. This season I’ve started to incorporate some of the protocol sets as described by @doc. However, a set such as nx50 on 2min back half speed builds up more lactate. I feel that the day after, they are still fatigued. This often results in a “bad session”. @doc: do you see the same phenomenon? How do you deal with this or do they adapt over time?